iControl Incorporated is now Intelyt

As of October 1st, 2016, our new company name is Intelyt.  Since the turn of this century, our old name, iControl Incorporated (and for many regulatory reasons, still our legal name) has served us well.  It reflected our focus on engineering custom solutions in the field of what was then known as “wireless sensor networks”, and is now commonly called the Internet of Things (IoT). We worked with companies to help control and monitor remote assets.  Assets that had no communications or power infrastructure.

The understanding of monitoring and controlling items globally, especially those that had no access to communications or power infrastructure, ideally positioned us to provide visibility to the billions of cartons, pallets, and containers that are shipped around the world every day.  For the last five years, we have focused on providing solutions for tracking and monitoring the condition, location and security, of assets as they move through the supply chain. 

What our clients have told us they value most about our solutions is the security and peace-of-mind that we provide.  This comes from the fact that we deliver situational intelligence and insightful analytics, not previously available.  This information is critical is resolving supply chain disruptions, before they become major issues, and providing the visibility necessary to drive the next wave of supply chain optimization.

So, Intelyt is a portmanteau of the words Intelligence and Analytics.  A name that reflects the value we deliver to our clients, every day.