Focus on the End Game: Supply Chain Optimization

Thousands of businesses over the last two decades have attempted to improve the way supply chains operate in the world's largest corporations. Over that time, much of the low-hanging fruit has been picked. Corporations now expect their supply chain operations to be efficient and operate smoothly.

However, there's a new wave of supply chain optimization in front of us. The Internet of Things (IoT) has enabled an unprecedented level of granular visibility into every aspect of logistics planning and tracking.





Murray Dunn, CEO, Intelyt

Better Visibility Brings Better Management

The Intelyt solution leverages IoT technology in a unique way. It provides businesses two unique advantages over other supply chain strategies:

1.     Issues are identified as they occur, allowing the business to react in near real-time.

2.     The collection of large amounts of data from each part of the supply chain brings unique insights into the conditions under which products are moved across the globe.

Real-Time Feedback

Late, partial or missing shipments usually aren't noticed until it's too late. When a warehouse manager goes to the shelf for a set of parts, or a shift manager is looking for a set of specific items, it's too late for an effective recovery. Shift workers are already onsite and clocked in, and production is scheduled—sometimes to the exclusion of other products. The cascading effects can be costly to any business. The sales team must promote other items, forecasts are thrown off, and financial objectives can go unmet.

The Intelyt solution uses tags to track shipments as they make their way across the entire supply chain, not just through specific transportation nodes such as customs or carriers handling facilities. Our iTags are independent of any vendor, shipper or third-party player in the chain—parties that have a vested interest in meeting positive tracking expectations. This means Intelyt can provide unbiased, accurate information about the location and condition of any shipment, or even a part of a shipment.

Deep Data Visibility

The Intelyt solution provides unique insights into environmental factors—such as parcel separations, excessive dwelling, and temperature and shock excursions—that can inform logistics decisions. These pieces of information collectively form a more complete picture of every aspect of a supply chain. Backed by deeper data, risks, threats and opportunities become readily apparent.

The Four Components for Supply Chain Optimization

The ability to collect data and report on events or conditions is not sufficient to deliver results, however. The solution that will lead to a truly optimized supply chain requires the integration of all four key components needed to deliver deep, granular data:

1.       Intelligent, cost-effective devices – Devices to track location, measure conditions, provide a communications link, and support the commissioning of thousands of shipments per week, without impacting existing operational processes.

2.       Global communications networks – The leverage of both private and public networks to provide maximum visibility at all times.

3.       Software solution – An interface that collects data, compares it to expected conditions in a sophisticated data-mining engine, and provides viewable status and notification at every point in the logistics chain. The output of this system can be folded seamlessly into existing ERP, TMS and CRM systems.

4.       Service offering – The consultation and configuration for a business that provides a complete technology solution with deep features to meet any unique needs.

When these four facets come together, companies can make intelligent decisions about manufacturing and production timing and outbound distribution needs. The visibility available to a completely monitored and optimized supply chain eliminates the expensive decisions that are the result of ineffective information that arrives too late, or is inadequate.

Protecting Critical Shipments, No Matter the Cost

We give our clients peace of mind in knowing that their critical assets are where they're supposed to be, and under the right conditions, no matter their value. We know that a successfully optimized supply chain can be a significant competitive advantage. The Intelyt solution can help any business achieve a deeper and more effective level of supply chain optimization.