Infographic: How Intelyt’s Clients use 50 Million Data Points to Track $3.2 Billion in Global Assets Monthly

At any given moment, Intelyt is tracking more than $250 million in customer assets moving across up to 190 countries. In total we track, monitor, secure, and expedite approximately $3.2 billion in assets traveling almost 4 million miles per month. To support these operations, our global network of GPS, environmental, and other sensors generates more than 50 million data points monthly.

The ability to independently verify, monitor, and optimize your supply chain in real time is invaluable in today’s complex and constantly evolving global economy. With Intelyt’s global asset tracking technology, you can always quickly pinpoint the physical location of your critical high-value assets—without having to go through your suppliers or carriers for the information.

Intelyt’s global asset tracking solutions are designed to meet the needs of a wide range of customers, including companies with complex supply chains such as data centers, medical devices, and biotechnology firms. With energy efficient, battery powered GPS components and a global ISO standard radio network, you can reliably track and monitor cartons, pallets, containers, or other assets in your supply chain.

Equally importantly, Intelyt solutions are easy to deploy and simple to operate, regardless of the size of your operations. Our turnkey solution is fully hosted and subscription-based so you can rapidly scale up or down as your needs change over time.

View our global asset tracking infographic to learn more about how Intelyt provides unprecedented visibility and security for the location and condition of your assets all over the world, including:

Global Mapping and Notifications: With Intelyt, you can view the locations of all your shipments or assets on a global map at any time. You can also get real-time updates for your shipments along the way. For example, you can receive confirmation when your shipment has departed, arrived, or has passed through a designated waypoint en-route to its destination.

Critical Alerts: Intelyt’s sensors send alerts when exceptions occur within the supply chain, such as delayed departure, early arrival, or partial-shipment separation. You can also receive environmental alerts for factors such as temperature, moisture, humidity, handling, and speed.

Data-Driven Optimization: With more than 50 million data points collected monthly, Intelyt provides customers with the historical shipment, location and environmental data to evaluate carriers and freight-forwarders, address potential areas risks, and optimize their supply chains.

Other features Intelyt offers include:

  • Expedited Cross-Border and Maritime Customs Clearance

  • Monitored Relay Points and Arrival Alerts for Inbound Deliveries

  • Monitoring & Tracking of Hot Cargo Shipments

  • Individual Parcel & Pallet Separation Alerts

  • Tracking of Diversions

  • Certainty of Source

View or download our infographic to see more.