Going for Gold in Project Logistics at the 2018 Olympics

Going for Gold in Project Logistics at the 2018 Olympics


The 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea begin with the opening ceremony on February 9. This means a lot of people and equipment need to be at the event on time. For example, let’s look at the media industry. Covering the Olympics is a huge event and a huge opportunity. But it’s very time sensitive.


The Challenge of Covering a Major Global Event

For TV journalists, documentary filmmakers, and anyone else covering the Games, your cameras must arrive on time and ready for use. If your equipment doesn’t get there until days later, everything will have already started. You’ll have no product. If you don’t have visibility into the location and status of your equipment, you won’t even necessarily know how long it will be delayed, or whether you need to expedite a shipment.

Media companies covering the Olympics are facing the same challenges that occur when managing equipment for any event with global scale. It could be the World Cup, a major concert, the start of production on a new Hollywood blockbuster, or the premiere of a theatrical event. The basic need is the same: for all of the vital equipment to arrive on location by a very specific point in time. In any of these cases, the costs of any delay or loss are massive—both in terms of missed opportunities and wasted resources.

Imagine being on the ground in PyeongChang, excited to start filming the action—and you’re missing key production equipment. Or the specialized lenses you need for shooting fast-moving Olympic athletes have been damaged in transit. Or all of your microphones were separated from the rest of the shipment and can’t be found. If you’re still waiting on critical equipment after the torch is lit, you’ll be missing your only shot.

Why Visibility Is Critical to Medal-Worthy Logistics

Getting your assets in the right place at the right time is the biggest concern, but it’s not the only one. Additionally, you need to be sure your gear is arriving in working condition, without being damaged by heat, moisture, physical shock, or other environmental risks. You need to be able to track the physical location of your assets and monitor their condition along the way.

Any company that ships high-value assets globally needs a flexible and reliable solution that can operate on the scale required. That could mean shipping top-of-the-line cameras to South Korea in time for the Olympics, delivering replacement parts for a jet aircraft in Dubai, or getting servers to a data center in Iowa. The point is, if you need to ensure that a shipment gets to its destination on time and undamaged, you need visibility throughout the entire journey.

Intelyt tackles this challenge for our clients every day, monitoring at least $250 million in assets at any given moment, and facilitating more than $3.2 billion of shipments worldwide every month.

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