Supply Chain Visibility

How IoT Provides End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility Without a Premium Price Tag

Most logistics managers rely on third-party logistics (3PL) providers to move their shipments. Those 3PLs will then use a variety of carriers, shippers, and providers to do the job and deliver the product to its destination.

Whether you’re outsourcing to third parties for fulfillment and distribution services, or for your own supply chain, knowing exactly how your product is being shipped is crucial. Clear visibility and detailed insight help logistics managers save money, avoid shipment problems, and get their items delivered as efficiently and quickly as possible.


Use Any Carrier and Stay in Control

If you’re like most businesses, you know that using a range of various 3PLs to move your products and manage your supply chains is more cost-effective than a full service like FedEx or UPS. Intelyt allows you to use any carrier you choose, while providing detailed insight and visibility into your shipment process using IoT technology.  

‘Premium’ Asset-Based 3PLs come at ‘Premium’ Prices

An asset-based logistics supplier like FedEx or UPS owns the entire shipping process. End-to-end control allows shipment progress and details to be fairly visible to their clients and they are able to provide this service because they control every stage of the process.  They own the trucks, the planes, and the logistics data and control the people involved: the drivers, pilots, and other delivery workers. 

This kind of tight control might be good for squeezing out potential shipping problems and eliminating some routing inefficiencies, but it’s a premium service that comes at a high price. Not only is it expensive, but the reality is that today, most companies’ global supply chains have more than one provider. That’s where Intelyt comes in - we offer the ability to have the same closed-loop service that FedEx or UPS can provide, but also complement your existing suite of 3PLs. That makes our solution the right fit, no matter how small the business or the shipment.

Integrating End-to-End Full Service With Existing 3PLs

Intelyt offers logistics managers an option that has the same features as high-priced premium services like FedEx, with the price of smaller logistics services which normally don’t provide much visibility or insight. Intelyt allows companies to keep existing 3PLs, while optimizing their supply chains. With Intelyt, companies aren’t tethered to any one provider - we offer visibility independant of the vendor used to transport the product.

Our IoT based technology is designed from the ground up to be rapidly deployed and integrated with your shipment, regardless of what 3PL you've chosen. In fact, Intelyt’s software and hardware work completely independently of the third parties or transportation providers, allowing logistics managers to have access to real-time developments in shipments.

The More Dynamic Your Visibility, the Better Your Bottom Line

More information saves you money. The more you know about problems with a shipment, for example, the better you’ll be able to adjust for future shipments. Knowing the exact path a shipment takes, how it is transported, and when it reaches certain points not only helps businesses stay on-schedule with their work, but also delivers peace of mind.

You May Think You Have More Visibility Than You Do

Many companies are already using services that optimize their supply chains, and many have even observed lower operating costs and more efficient deliveries. However, these businesses might not recognize just how deep their supply chain optimization can, and should, go.

Services like FedEx provide logistics managers with somewhat basic visibility - mostly the physical locations of a shipment and when it arrives at each point in the route. Intelyt’s solution delivers more than just visibility of the various locations along the shipping journey, because for many deliveries, the status and condition of the shipment is just as important as the “when and where.” Intelyt’s systems provide real-time analysis of temperature deviations, notification of sudden shocks that might damage the product, or even alert of a shift that has tilted a product in a way that could cause damage.

Improved Insight and Better Visibility Save Money

Because a typical order is moved and managed by third parties, many businesses struggle with murky intel on and visibility into their shipping process. The Intelyt system allows your organization to maintain use of trusted, affordable 3PLs, while adding the visibility that premium, all-in-one services like FedEx provide.

The enhanced visibility and nuanced insight that Intelyt delivers to logistics managers leads to long-term cost savings. By providing the intelligence that a shipping route has deviated from the expected route, or that a shipment has experienced unanticipated dwells, Intelyt provides actionable data prevent similar issues in the future.

Having transparent, real-time, granular visibility of shipments is crucial no matter the size. Intelyt is not just a leader in providing security and visibility for high-value shipments in global supply chains. We also recognize that the problematic delivery of a small, inexpensive item can affect your entire process, and your bottom line. A tiny piece of plastic used in the dashboard of a motorboat might only cost nine dollars, but when it does not arrive on time or intact, the same piece of plastic can set back assembly, launch, and product shipment.  This is why Intelyt tracks everything and monitors critical low-value deliveries with the same care it gives to high-value orders.  

Managing your global supply does not have to be a mean choosing between the control of all-in-one services and thevalue of trusted 3PLs that are right for the job. By leveraging IoT technology, Intelyt helps businesses, and their logistics managers, bridge the gap. Intelyt’s custom software and hardware provide the premium visibility FedEx might offer, with greater more details and insight. That, combined with easy integration with 3PLs, makes Intelyt the smart choice for any business with a global shipping footprint.

How Low-Cost, Critical Inventory Impacts Revenue Recognition


There's a very basic difference between cost and value. The cost of a particular part, or component, for example, could be very small. However, without that part taking its place in a high value product, that product would be worthless. In contrast to its cost, its value is extremely high. In fact, a $10 dollar part could easily be mission-critical.

Murray Dunn, CEO of Intelyt

Today's business environment demands that businesses seek out efficiency and opportunities to optimize every aspect of operations. Part of that optimization can take place at the supply chain level. Supply chains across the world are filled with high value components and parts that may cost very little individually, but which are critical to business success. Visibility into supply chain operations is critical in order to maintain, or even increase, product margins, and to ensure that contracts are met, and product reaches market at the right time.

Downstream Butterfly Effect

Let's take, for example, a company that supplies coffee makers to the airline industry. That coffee maker is not especially complicated. However, there are several specialized components that are critical to the overall specification of that warmer. Its temperature sensor is simple, but must sense temperature—its critical task—within very strict tolerances:

·       It must not be sensitive to extremes in ambient temperature

·       It must not be susceptible to air pressure variances

·       It must not be sensitive to shock and vibration

These environmental factors can compromise temperature sensors, and they are critical for aerospace applications. If the sensor unit doesn’t arrive at the production line on time, or is damaged in transit, a company supplying the coffee maker cannot ship product to its clients. Orders can't be filled and invoices can't be issued.  Revenue cannot be recognized.

Unfortunately, missing shipments are often not noticed until they're needed. Damage to sensitive parts isn't noticed until the components are tested. Under these conditions, recovery is a very expensive task, and can erase the entire financial margin from a product. Parts must be reordered and shipping must be expedited—both costly and time consuming. In the meantime, production lines move on to other things, product is late, invoices are held. Quarterly or yearly financial goals are missed, and analysts could downgrade the future expectations for performance.

This is a classic "butterfly effect", where a small factor, such as insufficient visibility into the location or condition of a box of $10 dollar parts, could erase millions of dollars from a company's market capitalization, jeopardizing its very existence. All because a shipment got lost, or dropped, or worse, and no one knew about it until it was too late.

Protecting Critical Shipments, No Matter the Cost

The Intelyt Solution protects shipments of value, no matter the cost. When parts that come from anywhere else are part of a high value, mission critical product, Intelyt's solution offers transparency and control over the entire shipping process. A shipment is commissioned using our secure application, and the tags are dropped into every carton in the shipment.

Our product is thoughtfully engineered by engineers with extensive supply chain experience to provide insight into conditions beyond location—things handling and environmental factors. If any condition exceeds the custom tolerances you set, an immediate alert is sent that is independent of your suppliers and carriers, allowing you to act immediately. Greater visibility into shipment conditions, along with location, allows companies to be proactive in supply chain management.

We give our clients peace of mind in knowing that their critical assets are where they're supposed to be, under the right conditions, no matter their cost. We know that the value of shipments has nothing to do with the cost of the materials inside—it's only realized when they reach their destination safely and on time.

The value for clients is much more than a simple battery-operated device used to track a $10 dollar sensor—it's in protecting your supply chain, getting that $10 dollar sensor to the manufacturing line at the right time, and in the right condition, allowing the coffee maker to be built and shipped on time.

No matter the industry, we know that supply chain reliability is critical to the efficient operation of any company. Intelyt's iTags solution will bring unprecedented visibility and critical accuracy to your supply chain operations.