Quickly pinpoint the physical location of all your high-value shipments and critical assets, independent of your suppliers and carriers. 


With energy efficient, battery powered GPS, cell, sensors, and a global ISO standard radio network, clients can track and monitor cartons, pallets, containers, or just about any conveyance.

View the global map to see all your shipments or assets.  Get updates for your shipments along the way. For example, confirmation your shipment has departed, arrived, or has passed through a waypoint en-route to its destination.

Receive alerts when exceptions occur.  Delayed departure, early arrival, partial-shipment separation. 
Environmental alerts for temperature, moisture, humidity, handling, and speed.

Use historical shipment, location and environmental data to optimize supply-chains, evaluate carriers and freight-forwarders, and assess potential areas of threat and risk. 

Use Intelyt to give you the peace-of-mind that your high-value shipments
and critical assets are where they're supposed to be.